Things I hate about vegetarianism

I got a lot of people mad at me many many years ago by posting in a forum that I thought vegetarianism, which I was much more into at the time, was a very public-minded practice and that it was obvious to me that the more people were vegetarians, the better we’d be.  The people who got the most upset were the vegetarians.  The meat-eaters were indignant, which is a word I’ve always interpreted as “the kind of angry that feels great”.  The vegetarians were just garden-variety angry.  Some vegetarians keep very angry gardens.

The experience got me thinking about how much I agree with the principles that underlie vegetarianism (I still don’t eat meat, but haven’t talked about vegetarianism, much less actively promoted it for years) but hate the cloud of cultural detritus that follows vegetarianism around, such as its quasi-religious view of itself.

In the spirit of the modern Internet I thought I’d organize this post into a list of arguments for and ideas associated with vegetarianism I reject.

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