Tom Swifties

I started contributing to a comment thread on a facebook post all about Tom Swifties.  I just thought I’d repost them here to further aggravate readers who expect something about life in Japan or ELT.

“I just dropped off a letter”, Tom posted.

“Free hot dogs!”, Tom shared a link.

“I am bringing back traditional forms of heating”, Tom repeated.

“Cars in Japan have maintenance required by law every 2 years”, said Tom, shaken.

“I don’t check sources for tweets”, Tom said ex-post-facto.

“I think I just gained a level”, Tom said from experience.

“Vin Diesel can’t do sci-fi”, Tom ridiculed.

“Should we ban swearing?”, they discussed.

“If only more teachers read about task-based language teaching”, Mike said longingly.

“We dress our daughter in pink”, Tom engendered.

“I will always support my sister”, Tyrion implied.

“Try lowering the action”, Tom said, high-strung.

“TV needs more Stephen King adaptations”, Tom reiterated.

“Hmm, so Alaska’s native people don’t like being called Eskimos”, Tom intuited.

“Looks like we’ll need the engine to make it back to port”, said Tom, disgusted.

“I can photosynthesize”, Groot believed.

“I was named after my grandfather”, I remarked.


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