Perils of self-employment, part 1

I have been self-employed for 11 years, during which my wife and I have run our own school in semi-rural Japan.  I will write more about this as things I haven’t told everyone yet make the context for this clearer, but for now I will just show off that I have only missed one class in 11 years, and 0 full days.  The one I missed was circa 2008 and I was debilitated to the point of missing a private lesson.  I recovered in time for the rest of my classes that day and made sure to sit far away from all my students.

My aunt, who owned the restaurant that I worked at during my college years, once told me that she’d never taken a day off.  I sorta didn’t believe her at the time, but now I understand that when you know you’re going to work for yourself your body weirdly cooperates.  I’ve been sick in the time we’ve been doing this but almost always on the weekend.

Of course since I’ve been my own boss I can’t exactly put this on a resumé since they’d just have to take my word for it.  Then again that goes for everything I’ve done here.


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